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Agency: Atomic
Date: Sep 2018
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Remember A Charity has launched the Human Search Engine. Combining over a thousand years of real-life experience, the Human Search Engine provides the answers to the life’s biggest questions from those who have lived it.

Remember A Charity is a consortium of over 200 charities, dedicated to inspiring more people to leave a gift to charity in their Will. Every year, they team up with Atomic London to create a Remember A Charity Week campaign. This year, they’ve created the Human Search Engine, the search engine powered by people not algorithms.

Every day people all over the world use Google to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Love. Loss. Relationships. Life goals. When it comes down to it, algorithms aren’t actually that good at answering these most challenging of questions – but people are.

For Remember A Charity Week, Atomic has searched for the biggest questions people ask the internet and we’ve brought together people who can answer them: the older generation, charities and charity supporters.

From love to loss to the meaning of life and the future of humanity, the Human Search Engine passes on many lifetimes worth of wisdom to the next generation; a lasting monument to the value of personal advice in an increasingly digital world.

It works just like your typical search engine. Ask one of life’s biggest questions and you’ll be given a list of search results. But unlike a regular search engine, you’ll find video responses to your question rather than links. If you’re wondering on the meaning of life, start a search and hear what an octogenarian, a veteran and an aid worker have to say on the issue…


Executive Creative Director: Guy Bradbury & Dave Henderson

Head of Design: Pete Mould

Planner: Bryn Walbrook

Creative Team: Max Sizeland, James Halladay, Kathryn Jackson

Project Manager: Charlie Berry

Account Director: Sivanne Lewis

Account Manager: Scarlett Aldridge

Casting / Director: Jon Levene

Director, Remember A Charity: Rob Cope

Marketing Manager, Remember A charity: Lucinda Darby