Agency: ArtClass
Date: Mar 2020
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Life just isn't the same as it was before Covid-19 swept across the globe. Everyone is hunkered down, isolated from families, friends and places of work, wondering what's next.

Meanwhile, a sense of community has been completely upended, as people are left scrambling to find one. It's times like these that people need a positive distraction, a reminder of what's still beautiful in the world, an outlet to express our fears, our hopes.

ArtClassified has launched a social media initiative called #ArtQuarantined. The idea was simple: inspire peers and followers on social media to stay positive during this time of self-isolation – and create. Each day, ArtClass is issuing a new art-making challenge, featuring favorites on the @artclassified grid on Instagram.

In just a few days, #ArtQuarantined has already grown into something bigger than a hashtag and 50K impressions per post. It has grown into a community, which is what we need more than anything as we all do our best to maintain some semblance of normal life and not hit the panic button.