Date: Nov 2019
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Arnold Worldwide designed the two spots to recognize the challenges that small business owners face and how Progressive is there to protect you through these realities and get your business back on track.

This insight comes to life in two spots: 'Good Morning!' featuring a flower shop and an employee injury and 'Lunchtime' featuring a small diner and grease fire. Both play with an animated fairytale-like intro that is interrupted with an abrupt slap into reality when an employee slips in a flower shop and a grease fire occurs in a diner.

‘Good Morning!’ depicts a jubilant flower shop owner, happily watering flowers and twirling-throughout her small business. All seems perfect, until the fairytale-like story turns reality, as an employee is rolled out on a stretcher from slipping on a puddle.

‘Lunchtime!’ shows a booming, classic diner inhabited by satisfied customers ` dancing animated characters. Like ‘Good Morning!’, this story quickly turns to reality, as a grease breaks out in the kitchen, leading to an evacuation of the restaurant.

Two of the most common commercial claims are represented – slip and falls, and fires.


Client: Progressive

Val Bettini, EVP Managing Director

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

CCO: Icaro Doria

EVP/ECD: Sean McBride

SVP/CD: Nate Donabed

SVP/CD: Josh Kahn

Sr. AD: Wes Dorsainvil

Copywriter: Becky Brinkerhoff

Sr. Producer: Nicole Hollis-Vitale

Asst. Producer: Danielle Balanov

Head of Production: Zamile Vilakazi

Head of Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic

EVP Managing Director: Val Bettini

SVP/Marketing Director: Gail Felcher

Marketing Manager: Crissy Cavallaro

Sr. Project Manager: Christina Troy


Production Company: O-Positive

Director: David Shane

Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Line Producer: Jason Reda

Director of Photography: Gyula Pados


Editorial Company: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Editor: Carlos Arias

Asst. Editor: Ashley Tantillo

Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum

Producer: Julianne Cort


Animation Studio: Passion Pictures

Animation Director/Creative Director: Andy Martin

Executive Producers: Belle Palmer / Debbie Crosscup

Head of Production: Mike Turoff

Producer: Yvette Farmer

Visual Effects / Finishing:

VFX: Brickyard Filmworks – Boston

Lead VFX: Gina Downing

VFX Artists: Dave Waller / Jimi Simmons / Paul Connor

Head of Production: Ellen Schmitt

Asst. Producer: Brenna Williams

Color Correction

Company 3 - NY

Colorist: Tim Masick


Soundtrack Boston

Sound Design & Mix: Mike Secher