American Red Cross: #WakeUpChallenge by Arnold Worldwide

Date: May 2018
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Since 2014, the Red Cross has been working alongside partners to reduce home fire deaths and injuries by installing free smoke alarms in at-risk neighborhoods, replacing batteries in existing alarms and providing fire prevention and safety education across the country. This spring, the Red Cross will 'Sound the Alarm' through a series of home fire safety events in more than 100 high-risk communities across the country. In just 16 days volunteers will install 100,000 free smoke alarms.

While home fires are the most common disaster in the United States, they still remain off of many people’s radar. That’s why the Red Cross is partnering with advertising agency of record Arnold to 'Wake people up.' Enter the '#WakeUpChallenge', a socially-driven campaign designed to sound the awareness alarm, loudly and proudly. The Red Cross is challenging the public to literally wake up a friend or family member in the most creatively alarming (yet, safe) way possible, film it, and post it to their social channels using the '#WakeUpChallenge' hashtag. With each posting, that person will then challenge others in their network to become a smoke alarm for someone else.

The ultimate hope is that through partnerships with select influencers, both celebrity and on social media, the challenge will take on a life of its own and encourage an organic flood of wake-up posts, not unlike what the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge did for the ALS Association. The '#WakeUpChallenge' comes to life through the debut of a 90-second pre-taped on-air segment on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which features a montage of show staffers waking up partners/roommates, including a final clip of resident prankster Cousin Sal waking up his wife.

Additionally, social influencers Molly Burke and Sara Dietschy do their version of the '#WakeUpChallenge', post to their social channels and tag three friends in their networks. The campaign will be further supported through a variety of paid social ads across Facebook and Instagram, all driving to a landing page where visitors can learn more about the cause and donate to help install free smoke alarms in at-risk homes and help fire victims recover.


Neal Litvack - Chief Marketing Officer - American Red Cross

Selma Bouhl - VP, Marketing and Creative Services - American Red Cross

Icaro Doria - U.S. Chief Creative Officer - Arnold

James Bray - Executive Creative Director - Arnold

Jason Gan - Junior Art Director - Arnold

Clark Chamberlain - Junior Copywriter - Arnold

Spring Clinton - Producer - Arnold

Anne Joynt, Taylor Thomas - Business Affairs - Arnold

Catherine Sheehan, Taylor Brodie - Brand Planning - Arnold

Jane Shclover, Ryan Vinnicombe - Engagement Planning - Arnold

Sarah Taylor, Casey Potash, Kelly Preston - Marketing - Arnold

Cyan Dana, Danielle Fabrizio - Project Management - Arnold

Jenna Fidellow - SVP Entertainment Partnerships - Havas Sports & Entertainment

Kate Durling - Director of Production - Havas Sports & Entertainment

Media Integration Partner: “ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs every weeknight at 11:35 p.m. EDT and features a diverse lineup of guests that includes celebrities, athletes, musical acts, comedians and human-interest subjects, along with comedy bits and a house band.

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Added 17 November 2018
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