Agency: Arnold
Client: Santander
Date: Oct 2018
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While some may think that ghosts are the scariest thing this season, Santander’s new Halloween campaign created by Arnold shows you what you should really be afraid of - your 'Haunting Debt'. A study found that 33% of millennials fear debt more than death.

Kicking off on Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, JamLoop and Hulu, the campaign features three video spots highlighting how the small purchases you make on your credit card could come back to haunt you as debt - or quite literally haunt you in your sleep. The campaign was designed and created by Arnold in Boston to encourage smart spending habits.

In the first spot, 'Roller Skates', a pair of seemingly untouched rollerblades creep into a man’s room at night, showing how an unused purchase can live on as a financial burden.

In the second and third spots, a waffle iron and an exercise bike are depicted similarly, demonstrating how terrifying debt incurred by impulse buys can be.


Agency: Arnold

Client: Santander