Agency: Argonaut
Date: Nov 2018
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Cricket Wireless has become known for its furry and oddly shaped animated characters, and for the holidays it is giving four of those characters the Hollywood treatment in a three-minute Christmas fairytale.

The cell provider is launching a blockbuster of a holiday campaign with the help of its AOR Argonaut. The short film, ‘Four for the Holidays’ brings its animated characters to life.

The film is a story of four friends with holiday plans that take them across the US, Mexico, and Canada. After finishing up what appears to be a holiday musical shoot, furry character Dusty asks his friends Rose, Chip and Ramon to join him for New Year’s Eve. But all have plans to spend time elsewhere. They text, post, and share joyous holiday moments but as time goes on, they realize they’re missing each other most of all. At the end of the film, the four characters reunite and discover that in a season of sharing – the best holiday plans are the ones that bring friends together.


Client: Cricket Wireless

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer: Tiffany Baehman

Assistant Vice President - Brand, Media, Advertising: Cindy Rozier

Lead Advertising Manager: Heather Sheets

Lead Advertising Manager: Carter Robinson

Lead Advertising Manager: Erin Bishop

Lead Advertising Manager: Staci Lell

Associate Director, Social Media: Chris Pamm

Lead Social Media Manager: Bryan Collier

Agency: ARGONAUT San Francisco

Chief Creative Officer: Hunter Hindman

Associate Creative Directors: Shravan Hegde, Kamil Kowalczyk

Senior Art Director: Brittany Rivera

Senior Copywriter: Jacque Vavroch

Copywriter: Austin White

Junior Art Director: Mica Dieterich

Junior Copywriter: Shireen Beygui

Group Brand Director: JT Pierce

Brand Manager: Lindsay Igoe, Michael Story

Assistant Brand Manager: Dominique Warfield, Kendall Richardson

Executive Producer: Erin Fox

Executive Broadcast Producer: Dan Watson

Broadcast Producer: Nina Ulbrich

Print Producer: Jess Shay

Executive Digital Producer: Justin Visser

Junior Producer: Ben Waller, Vertel Jackson

Director Production Business Affairs: Linda Casson

Production Company (Live Action): Psyop

Director: Marco Spier

Director: Jack Anderson

Chief Executive Producer: Justin Booth-Clibborn

Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh

Executive Producer: Noah Goldsmith

Line Producer: Tom Martin

Director of Photography: David Franco

1st Assistant Camera: Robert Campbell

Production Designer: Jeff Mann

Art Director: Gaston Langer

1st Assistant Director: Mike Curtis

Gaffer: Dave Maddux

Key Grip: Sean Crowell

Key Wardrobe: Lindsey Meyer

Production Company (Animation/Post): Psyop

3D lead: Chris sage

2D Lead: Lane Jolly

Producer: Adriane Scott-kemp

Associate Producer: Calvin Chin

Boardo Editor: Almog Antonir

Editor: Paul Kumpata (Exile)

Flame Artist: Brandon Sanders

Colorist: Paul Yacono

Lighting and Rendering artist: Jaemin Lee

Lighting and Rendering artist: Yuo Tengari

Lighting and Rendering artist: Ryan Kirkwood

Lighting and Rendering artist: Nitesh Nagda

Comp artist: Danny Song, Tingting Li, Carl Mok,

Houdini: James Atkinson, Nico Sugleris, Mat Rotman

Tech Anim: Stephen Mann, Zed Bennett, John Bloch

Animation: Little Zoo

Sound Design: Barking Owl

Sound Designer: Morgan Johnson

Mixer: AJ Murillo

Music - Barking Owl

Composer - Jacob Plasse

Creative Director - Kelly Bayett

Producer - Ashley Benton