Client: Apple
Date: Nov 2021
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Apple has enlisted father-and-son duo Ivan and Jason Reitman to direct its heartwarming holiday commercial. ‘Saving Simon’ tells the story of a young girl who heroically attempts to keep her much-loved snowman, affectionately named Simon, preserved throughout the entire year.

TBWA/Media Arts Lab also worked with the tech giant on the spot, which is the latest installment of the ‘Shot on iPhone’ series.

As the three-minute film begins, viewers witness a young girl saving the icy snowman from being aggressively stomped on by her older brother. Taking action, she stashes Simon in her family’s freezer, much to the surprise of her onlooking parents. Outside the season begins to change and the snow predictably melts away, but throughout the year the girl is dedicated to sustaining her companion’s cool temperature.

Set to the tune of You and I by Valerie June, the ad sees her frosty friend go on a summer camping trip (albeit in a cool box) and narrowly survive a power cut. Eventually when winter comes round again, he is released from the confines of the kitchen freezer and takes his rightful place at the front of the house... briefly.