Client: Apple
Date: Mar 2018
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A man dances his way through a crowded marketplace, picking up desired purchases just by gazing into his iPhone X. That’s the concept behind Apple’s new spot, ‘Fly Market,’ which shines a light on the ease of using the device’s Face ID and Apple Pay.

In the film a young man walks through a market with his friends when he spots a hat he must have. He looks at his iPhone X, gets recognized by Face ID and pays with Apple Pay as the hat quivers then magically jumps onto his head.

He then dances his way through an eclectic market using quick glances to update his wardrobe with the rest of his purchases, including custom suits, new kicks, specs and accessories until he’s dressed to the nines and moving smoothly through each market area like Michael Jackson. He even gets a chair for his family that burns through the market on the way to the house through some slick special effects.

The magical shopping odyssey is set to the upbeat sound of ‘Back Pocket’ by Vulfpeck.