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Apple: A Climate Change Promise from Apple

Client: Apple
Date: Jul 2020
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Apple reached carbon neutral in April 2020, meaning it's facilities, corporate emissions, and corporate travel don’t contribute carbon to the planet.

It uses 100% renewable electricity, and has been investing in the restoration of forests, wetlands, and grasslands to remove carbon naturally.

However, it recons all of this is just a starting point, so it has an entirely different goal in mind: by 2030 its whole carbon footprint — from manufacturing to transportation to end-of-life material recovery — will be nonexistent.

It pledges to make all of Apple 100% carbon neutral. To do that, it will be using renewable energy and recycled materials throughout its supply chain, it'll be restoring natural ecosystems around the world, and it’ll reuse as much as it can.

While designing innovative products, Apple will also be designing a sustainable manufacturing process.