Client: Ace & Tate
Date: Mar 2019
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Amsterdam-based eyewear brand Ace & Tate launches its first 2019 creative campaign that explores the theme of optimism. Ace & Tate spent 2018 diving into identity. In 2019, each creative campaign will address a multifaceted and multimedia view of a singular theme.

Ace & Tate chose to explore optimism as its first theme of 2019 to celebrate inspirational, resilient talent. In uncertain times, we all search for reassurance, connection and positivity. Ace & Tate hopes to infuse optimism into every community it serves.

The Optimism campaign runs from February to June, and includes a digital A-Z guide, Ace & Tate’s first rimless frames collection and a photography series 'Through The Eyes.' The campaign is complemented with an original podcast series called Career Girls.


Agency: Anyways Creative

Client: Ace & Tate