Agency: Antoni
Client: Mercedes
Date: Jul 2016
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Mercedes has teamed up with Antoni, the lead European agency for the car division of Mercedes-Benz, to launch the latest model of the C-Class Family, the C-Class Cabriolet.

The film is visually intriguing, seeing the imagination of a young boy come to life in delicate beauty. As he grows up, we see him gradually lose the freedom and dreams of his formative years. Passing through adolescence into the doldrums of adult life, the vivid wonderment of his childhood is lost to the roles and responsibilities of being a grown up.

The spot reaches its climax with the hero reclining the roof of his C-Class Cabriolet, looking up and seeing the paper birds from his childhood re-worked as giants of the sky. The protagonist speeds off into the distance, imagination restored once more.


Creative Director: Andre Kemper

Additional Credits: Production Company: Anorak Films

Director: Sebastian Strasser

DoP: Rodrigo Prieto

Executive Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser

Post Production: Time Based Arts

VFX Supervisor: Mike Skrgatic

Colourist: Simone Grattarola

Lead Flame: Sheldon Gardner

Flame: Matt Jackson

Nuke: Josh Sutcliffe, Borja Abellan, Ralph Briscoe, Fernando Ferrer, Dave Clark

3D: Chris Wood, Dan Davie, David Lo, Ben Cantor, Sam Osbourne, Fed Vanone, James Mann,

Ariel Flores

Design/animation: Jess Gorrick

Producer: Tom Johnson

Offline Editor: Paul Hardcastle @ Trim