Date: Mar 2018
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Today in the US, 10 million seniors face the threat of hunger, and millions more live alone in isolation. That’s why Meals on Wheels America and the Ad Council today (March 22) are kicking off a new chapter of their successful volunteer recruitment initiative, ‘America, Let’s Do Lunch.’

Beyond the impact of a warm meal and a friendly smile to those served, the new public service ads turn the spotlight on the meaningful bonds that can develop between volunteers and homebound seniors.

Meals on Wheels already serves over two million homebound seniors annually, though with the senior population expected to double by 2050, there is an escalating need for a new wave of volunteers to step up to help seniors in their communities. 5,000 Meals on Wheels programs across the country deliver nearly one million meals daily, largely relying on a massive volunteer corps. The majority of these volunteers are 55 and older themselves, so, to inspire a new generation of volunteers, agency Anomaly developed a suite of creative assets pro bono that highlight the uniquely uplifting experiences found in volunteering.

In the spots, we see people like volunteer Nina, who is always happy to see “larger than life personality” Morris, and the Wades, who made friends with Ms. Barbara and even shared first with her their pregnancy announcement. It’s those stories of sharing, caring and friendship that fuel the volunteers at Meals on Wheels.

It’s this personal reward that drives the integrated campaign – introducing the nation to the special connection shared between four real Meals on Wheels volunteers and some of the seniors to whom they deliver. More than capturing the fulfillment of doing something good for their community, the PSAs illustrate the genuine friendship, inspiration, humor and sage advice delivered in return by the seniors – all sparked by the volunteers delivering a meal in their neighborhood.


Agency: Anomaly

Client: The Ad Council

Client: Meals on Wheels America