Agency: And Rising
Date: Jan 2019
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The national charity Family Action has released a short film and campaign entitled ‘Family Monsters Project’ which marks the 150th anniversary of the charity’s foundation.

Created by newly rebranded, And Rising, 'Family Monsters Project' is dedicated to helping people face their family ‘monsters’ - including troubles with mental health and wellbeing, money pressures and parenting challenges.

To coincide with the campaign launch, Family Action has published new research carried out by ICM Unlimited. The research revealed that an estimated 38 million people in Britain face pressures on their close family. Furthermore, 61% of this group say barriers are making tackling these pressures more difficult.

The thought-provoking film manoeuvres through various situations where families may face difficulties, including a new mother suffering from post-natal depression, a young girl succumbing to alcoholism and a father filled with guilt when he can't provide for his child.

The simple message - "every family has its monsters" - is visualised by animated characters that loom around the families. As the families crack on, unable to face their inner torment, the monsters illustrate the unspoken presence of family troubles.

The ad isn't all doom and gloom, however. In the final clip, a young mum looks directly into the eyes of her family monster and it visibly shrinks.

It thus shows how our pressures can get smaller and more manageable when people face them together, head-on.