Date: Jun 2022
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Independent creative agency Anchor Worldwide has developed an art-meets-guerrilla marketing campaign to combat the spread of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate crimes in New York after the pandemic sadly resulted in a spike in instances of this behavior.

‘Cure for Racism: AAPI Formula’ is a seemingly new pharma product that claims to end racism with one pill. On closer inspection of the pharmaceutically-styled packaging, locals can read that the only cure for racism is ‘love, compassion, introspection, empathy, courage and conscience.’

Throughout the city, hundreds of boxes have been planted in pharmacies. The fine print on the box reads: ‘There is no recommended dosage of anti-racism treatment. Only learning and understanding can help. If you are experiencing racist thoughts or behavior and feel increasingly violent towards others, just stay home and rest. Forever. No one wants racists out on the city streets. We all belong here.’