Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: BT
Date: Jul 2016
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BT’s latest “Behind the Scenes” advertising campaign will build on the success of the recent up-to 52Mbps ad starring Hollywood action and comedy star Ryan Reynolds. The new campaign airs on Monday 4th July and will once again feature the Deadpool star. This time Ryan will be demonstrating the power of the new BT Smart Hub in a humorous way. The “Behind the Scenes” campaign is a parody of the advertising process and gives viewers an entertaining insight into the world of advertising.

The latest ad titled ‘Helicopter’ shows how far the wi-fi signal could go with the new BT Smart Hub and brings to life ‘The UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal*’ claim in a compelling way. The new BT Smart Hub lets you enjoy wi-fi in more places and faster speeds in harder to reach rooms.

In this new ad, viewers will see Ryan introduce the new BT Smart Hub and talk about the UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal in his typical charming manner before he casually walks to his garden and goes to great lengths to demonstrate the power of the new Smart Hub’s wi-fi signal using a helicopter.