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American Airlines: Wi-Fi Withdrawal

Date: Feb 2020
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American Airlines has released 'Wi-Fi Withdrawal' about the stresses of wifi connectivity while traveling. The long-form video shows how devastating connection withdrawal can be.

Depicted through the eyes of four very unique, but very relatable characters – the social media addict, the dad, bored guy and workaholic - each personality’s reaction to the lack of wifi inflight is comically relatable.

The video was produced by Streetlight Film & Media and created to raise awareness of the fact that American Airlines has more planes with high-speed wifi than any airline in the world.

This video was created by directing, producing and writing partners Ryan Hunter and Jack Ferry, Los Angeles-based filmmaking collaborators known for creating, directing, and executive producing four seasons of the comedy series 'Mr. Student Body President.'


Client: American Airlines

Production: Streetlight Film & Media

Creative: Ryan Hunter and Jack Ferry