Client: Amazon
Date: Jul 2022
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Amazon Books’ first global campaign has portrayed the invisible magic of imagination inspired by reading.

‘That Reading Feeling Awaits’ by Droga5 London shows five different scenes where people are engrossed in novels, the plots of which are animated in unique styles.

The global campaign will run in the US and UK from the end of July through to Christmas in two separate bursts, with each of the ads using claymation, illustration, silhouette animation and SFX to capture the vibes of the different books.

Although predominantly video, the project will be supported by social, digital, out-of-home (OOH) and a 3D special build at Penn Station. Over twenty illustrators were briefed on creating social and OOH assets that combine the simple imagery of a reader behind their book with their illustrated thoughts jumping off the page, all of which feature different inner monologues that the reader is experiencing.