Agency: AKQA
Client: Palms
Date: Jan 2019
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AKQA and Palms create the first-ever audio powered brand logo to showcase the sonic energy created by the Kaos club, its musical acts, and its visitors.

Palms Resort revealed the living brand logo for its new dayclub/nightclub, Kaos, debuting early April 2019 as part of the hotel’s $690m renovation. AKQA Portland and Palms developed the living Kaos logo to capture the sonic energy created by the club, music and its patrons.

AKQA Portland was tasked with building the brand from the ground up. The brand logo is a generatively designed audio fingerprint that creates a unique “O” (from the Kaos name) based on 12 audio variable inputs ranging from pitch to bass, of each individual. Using voice and music as a brush to create the “O’s” overall shape, ring number, color and motion.

Kaos residencies kick off in April with Cardi B, G-EAZY, Above & Beyond, Skrillex and Kaskade. The artists are the first to debut the new technology with their bespoke voice generated icons unveiled across social media and online today.


Agency: AKQA

Client: Palms