Agency: AKQA
Date: Jun 2018
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AKQA today (June 18) announced the winners of Future Lions, the official student awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and the winners all were solution and app focused.

Future Lions attracted more than 2,290 participants from 386 schools across 55 countries, making it the most successful year to date.

This year’s theme encouraged those to create tomorrow and explore recent advances in technology, and the following projects were announced as the winners.

Hush for Apple, by the Miami Ad School, uses Siri’s Deep Learning technology to keep users safe in a home-related incident. With it, users can say a safe word that’s exclusive to their device to activate their phone. Upon saying this word, Siri would immediately contact 911 to describe the situation to the operator while their screen is still off.

Data shows that 91% of victims in a home related incident will not even call 911 out of fear of being discovered by the perpetrator. Currently, there is the option to make a ‘Silent Call’, but it is hard to tell if it’s a misdial, or a desperate plea for help.

Hush for Apple hopes to change that.

Team: Junggle Kim, Chaeyeong Seo, and Cristina Marquez Barreto

School: Miami Ad School Hamburg; Miami Ad School Miami

TrashScan for Google and Conversation International, by a team at Syracuse University, looks to clarify the confusion surrounding recycling requirements. The app helps people understand what and how to recycle, in hopes of reducing the amount of recycling that ends up in landfills.

Team: Emily Alek and Jingpo Li

School: Syracuse University, United States

Truth Detector for Facebook looks to use Facebook and the blockchain to combat fake news and make news more trustworthy. After going through confirmation from many sites, good news will receive a green seal, according to the team from ESPM and Miami Ad School in Rio de Janeiro.

Team: Felipe Latgé, Davi Correia, André Pico, and Bruno Buhr

School: ESPM, Rio de Janeiro; Miami Ad School, Rio de Janeiro

Tittut for IKEA is a bit more lighthearted but tackles a problem kids have when the lights go out – monsters, which a team from the School of Visual Arts combats for furniture giant Ikea.

Young children often imagine all sorts of scary monsters hiding in furniture making it difficult for them to fall asleep. IKEA, a brand that believes children are the most important people in the world, introduces Tittut, a mobile app that will help spark children's imagination to overcome these fears. By providing a tool to further express children's imagination, Ikea turns their fearful nights to a playful bedtime experience.

Team: Yerin Kim, Woo Jae Yoon, and Hyei Min Park

School: School of Visual Arts, United States

Financed by the Sun for Nationwide, by the Miami Ad School in Rio de Janeiro, looked to the sun to solve the problem of financing solar energy projects.

Using the address data from their customers and with the help of Google's Project Sunroof, they want to offer a new payment method for solar panels. People can buy solar panels through monthly payments at the same cost as the savings they get with the panels.

Team: Alexandre Oliveira, and João Muri,

School: Miami Ad School, Rio de Janeiro