Holden Australia: This is how we SUV by AJF Partnership

Date: Feb 2019
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Holden has released a Hollywood-style trailer to showcase how its sports utility vehicles (SUVs) meet the different needs of Australian and New Zealand drivers.

In the fast-paced and action-packed campaign video, created by AJF Partnership, five SUVs retrieve a stolen painting in a heist.

The SUVs in the video include the Acadia, a spacious SUV, the Trax a nimble SUV, the Equinox, a SUV known for its power, and the Trailblazer, which has three tonne towing.


Client: GM Holden Australia

• Kristian Aquilina – Director – Marketing

• Marnie Jane Samphier – General Manager, Marketing Strategy

• Matthew Rattray-Wood – General Manager, SUV Marketing

• Jayne Willmott – Marketing & Retail – Projects Lead

• Krista Pech – Digital Marketing Manager – Performance & Content Creative agency: AJF Partnership, a GrowthOps Business

• Executive Creative Director – Adam Francis

• Creative Director – George Freckleton • Creative Director – Glenn Dalton

• Senior Copywriter – Brent Liebenberg

• Senior Art Director – Ed Carveth

• Head of TV Production – Roz Ruwhiu

• Social Media & Content Producer – Claire Luongo

• Head of Strategy – Jacqueline Witts

• Director, General Manager – Jayne Brady

• Senior Account Director – Magda Majorek

• Account Manager – Amy McKay Production Company: The Sweet Shop

• Director – Noah Marshall

• Producer – Allison Lockwood

• DP – John Toon

• Editing – Arc Edit – Drew Thompson

• Audio Engineer – Stevo Williams, Final Sound

• Colourist – Tom Poole, Company 3

• Online Editor – Richard Lambert

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