Agency: Airbnb
Date: Apr 2020
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Putting small town Australia back on the map, one pub at a time.

65% of Australia’s country towns have disappeared since Federation, with bushfires, drought and depopulation tearing communities apart. Airbnb research found that 70% of Aussies want to see more of ‘the real’ Australia, yet only 14% have spent the night in a regional pub. Country pubs and country towns are finding it difficult to capture these new holidaymakers who often stop but don’t spend the night. And without new business, both pub and town are struggling to survive.

Armed with cultural insight and regional context alongside an emerging category of holidaymakers, Airbnb saw a unique opportunity. By supporting local pubs to attract new visitors, Airbnb could put the spotlight back on country towns and support regional communities, while also meeting its own business objectives.


Samyabrata Deb - Regional Creative Director, Airbnb APAC

Stephanie Low - Creative Lead, Design, Airbnb APAC

Shannon Crowe - Creative Lead, Copy

Henry Huang - Creative Production Lead, Airbnb APAC

Nick Sinclair - Regional Marketing Director, Airbnb APAC

Jess Martin - Sr Marketing Manager, Airbnb APAC

Daniel Gervais - Country Marketing Manager, Airbnb ANZ

Charlotte Kent - Marketing Specialist, Airbnb ANZ

Kevin Cheng - Social Media & Content, Airbnb ANZ

Rachel Bartholomeusz - Digital Lead, Public Policy, Airbnb APAC

Puja Bhargava - Media Activation Lead, Airbnb APAC

John Tan - Digital Media Manager, Airbnb APAC

Chloe Browne - Communications Lead, Airbnb ANZ

Jason Sukadana - Director, Versus Studio

Tanya Babic - Director, Versus Studio

Brad Jarrett - DoP, Versus Studio

Gemma Atkinson - Producer, Versus Studio

Pete Ward - Editor, Versus Studio

Sean McDermott - Editor, Versus Studio

Drew Wheeler - Photographer