Agency: Adverttu
Date: Aug 2020
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Vegan food brand, Meatless Farm, has used Adverttu's memorable on-car advertising in its new £1.5million national advertising campaign for meat-free burgers.

Meatless Farm’s striking creative appeared on a number of electric cars throughout London.

The cars expect to generate 10,140,630 impressions, a figure produced by Adverttu’s modelling capabilities using 28 real-time data sources.

Meatless Farm selected its targeting criteria - specific London boroughs, electric car owner, mileage – using Adverttu’s campaign planner and Adverttu’s technology then automatically sourced drivers that matched the brand’s profile.

Meatless Farm is also using Adverttu’s digital capabilities that allow advertisers to distribute complimentary messages to anyone that a branded car passes by in close proximity. This is delivered through shadow fencing, which combines geolocation technology with automated programmatic advertising.