Client: Adidas
Date: Feb 2022
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Sportswear giant Adidas just dropped a short film for the latest iteration of its ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ campaign, following a highly-praised portfolio of stunning images at the start of this month.

In the video, viewers see each of the brand ambassadors – Squid Game actor HoYeon Jung, volleyball player Tifanny Abreu, basketballer Asma Elbadawi, model Ellie Goldstein and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley – who have each defied the odds to become successful in their own respective fields.

The 30-second film’s sentiment is embodied with the spoken word statement: ”It’s impossible. To take hold of the world’s spotlight overnight. Create your own uniform. Be a cover model. A powerful athlete. Or compete as a trans woman. Impossible? No. I’mPossible.”

Diversity and inclusion are the core themes of the initiative, with the spot beautifully highlighting powerful women who are breaking down barriers and driving gender equity.