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Client: Goodtype
Date: Jul 2018
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Adams Outdoor Advertising and Fairway Outdoor Advertising are donating more than 700 billboards in 21 states to promote lettering artists’ renderings of positive messages.

The designs came from Goodtype’s #goodtypetuesday challenge, where lettering artists and illustrators from around the world were asked what they would put on a billboard. Entries were posted to Goodtype’s Instagram page, a place where nearly one million lettering professionals and enthusiasts connect with one another.

Adams+Fairway discovered the challenge and offered to post submissions with the best design, legibility, and messaging. Twenty-two designs were chosen by designers from 11 US states and eight other countries.

From now through September 23, the designs will be featured on over 700 printed and digital billboards in 21 states. They include Brazilian Luis Felipe Barros Cavalcanti’s ‘Don’t Forget to Smile Today’, Valerie Miyasaki, of Kent, Washington’s ‘Keep Looking Up’ and Carmi Grau, from Berlin’s ‘Today is the Day’, among others.



1. Aaron Schwartz “Smile, Somebody Thinks Yer Cute” – Films Waldhaus, Switzerland – @akaschwartz

2. Caren Kreger “Stay Afraid, But Do It Anyway” – Livermore, CA – @everyday.hooray

3. Luis Felipe Barros Cavalcanti “Don’t Forget to Smile Today” – Recife, Brazil – @felippecavalcanti

4. Taylor Meyers “Don’t Undersell Yourself” – Akron, OH – @ghostied

5. Tiffany Dewitt “Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today” – St. George, UT – @livelongandletter

6. Huyen Dinh “Equality” – Los Angeles, CA – @misshuyendinh

7. Sanjana Rebecca “You’ll Figure It Out” – Bangalore, India – @sanjanarabbi

8. Valerie Miyasaki “Keep Looking Up” – Kent, WA – @scribblesavvy

9. Stephanie Jung “Live Your Dreams” – Boston, MA – @stephmakesletters

10. Carmi Grau “Today is the Day” – Berlin, Germany – @superniceletters

11. Tim Singleton “Stay Fabulous” – Toronto, Canada – @timpsingleton

12. Vera Vinogradova “Stay True” – Moscow, Russia – @veragrapes

13. Ashley Dreger “You Are a Work of Art” – Vancouver, Canada – @ashdre

14. Magali Vidal “You Got This” – Buenos Aires, Argentina – @mags_vidal

15. Ying Ye “All Feelings are Valid” – Tulsa, OK – @justanotherying

16. Amber Giles “Unplug to Recharge” – Salt Lake City, UT – @flamasterg

17. Ma Elena Bartolome “Evolve/Love” – Philippines – @elenacreates

18. Cynthia Lopez “Stay Strong” – Chesapeake, VA – @cynlopink

19. Josh Carter “Be Cool to Each Other” – Plainsboro, NJ – @jc_superartist

20. Regan Medlinger “Nothing is Out of Reach” – Wichita Falls, TX – @regan.medlinger

21. Caroline Sigmon “Breathe” – Charlotte, NC – @carolineesigmon

22. Michaela White “You Are Simply Magnificent” – Indianapolis, IN – @veggiebombxoxo