Date: Aug 2021
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Adam&EveDDB has seeded what is hoped will become the world's biggest inclusivity movement for people with disabilities, ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Led by the International Paralympic Committee and the International Disability Alliance #WeThe15 is a decade-long drive to improve the lives of 1.2bn disabled people - 15% of the global population.

Launched today #WeThe15 is a long-term initiative supported by 20 international organizations such as UNESCO to ensure that the interests of 1.2bn people living with a disability are heard loud and clear.

The global initiative spans all six inhabited continents, lighting up 125 landmarks including the London Eye, Empire State Building and Niagara Falls, in a signature purple hue (the international color of disability) to demonstrate cross-border commonality between disabled people wherever they reside.

To mark the launch an inspirational film has been produced in partnership with Pulse Films that will reach an estimated audience of 250m viewers via Channel 4 and NBC during the opening and closing ceremonies, with Paralympians sporting temporary tattoos in an overt show of support. Dispelling stereotypes and notions that the disabled should be pitied or placed on a pedestal the video emphazises that the disabled are ordinary members of humanity.

A custom identity will further define the disparate strands of the campaign, drawing on the purple theme with a simple pie chart developed by Pentagram to serve as a consistent visual representation of the 15% and the weight they carry when speaking with one voice. The team have also devised a wordmark, symbol and sonic branding to round out the campaign.

Mat Goff, chief exec at Adam&EveDDB, remarked: “WeThe15 gives a voice to the biggest unheard group in the Inclusion agenda. This Tokyo 2020 launch campaign is just the start of a movement that will drive real change for over a billion people worldwide. The more brands and organizations and people that get involved in this movement, the louder that voice will be and the faster the change will come.”

Brand partners including BP, Coca-Cola and Facebook will transform their logos, campaigns and social platforms to display a 15% purple hue in a further show of support. Further activations will come in the form of contextual outdoor creative, also designed by Pentagram, which will run across North America, Europe and Japan, including a takeover of London's Piccadilly Circus courtesy of Ocean Outdoor.