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Samsung: QLED + 6 Underground + Ryan Reynolds by Adam&EveDDB

Client: Samsung
Date: Nov 2019
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Actor and adman Ryan Reynolds has delivered a spot so heavily saturated with brands that you'd have to wonder just who else could pull it off.

“You bought an ad for your gin within an ad for your movie within an ad for Samsung?” asked an exasperated director.

Samsung’s QLED TV ought to be the focus of the spot but almost immediately it is interrupted with an ad for Reynold’s new Netflix flick ‘6 Underground’ before his Aviation Gin is cynically crammed in too. “I bought mid-roll ad placement,” he confessed.

It is named QLED + 6 Underground + Ryan Reynolds. You'd be forgiven for adding a '+ Aviator Gin' in the title too.

Reynolds plays a demanding celeb and is intent on twisting the Samsung spot for his own commercial gain. Because of the execution and Reynold's meta-humour the spot excels.

Adam&EveDDB is likely to garner more awareness of the TV with the irreverant spot - the product is the focus of the ad for its full duration. We should get used to this brand ambassador reinventing the celeb endorsement and perhaps the three-in-one ad isn’t a terrible idea either.