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Client: John Lewis
Date: Nov 2017
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John Lewis and Adam&Eve/DDB have released their Christmas ad for 2017 – Moz the Monster. Don’t expect too many surprises; despite the direction of Michel Gondry, the touching story of an unlikely, magical friendship forged during the festive period follows the winning recipe of previous years.

Like Monty the Penguin and Buster the Boxer, the ad’s protagonist is a young child – Joe – who discovers a monster is sleeping under his bed. He’s apprehensive at first and irritated by the beast’s snoring, but once Moz lets off a fart Joe laughs, and the two begin to form a friendship.

They play together every night, however a lack of sleep soon begins to take a strain on young Joe, who routinely nods off at the barbers, at breakfast and on the football pitch.

On Christmas Day he receives a badly wrapped nightlight, possibly from Moz himself. The story ends with the boy switching on his gift as he gets ready to sleep, which makes Moz disappear. But the minute he flicks the light off, a grumble under the bed is heard, and Joe smiles knowing that night-time adventures can still happen whenever he wants.

Continuing the John Lewis tradition for cover tracks, Moz the Monster is accompanied by the sounds of rock band Elbow, who perform The Beatles’ lullaby Golden Slumbers.