Client: Hey Girls
Date: Jun 2021
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The next phase of adam&eveDDB's Hey Girls #SeeingRed campaign in print, podcast audio is designed to make you angry about period poverty.

A psychological study is at the heart of a new campaign by Hey Girls, the social enterprise founded by Celia Hodson to tackle period poverty. The idea, created by Adam&EveDDB, revolves around a film called ‘Seeing Red’ which has been carefully crafted to evoke anger that motivates positive action.

Conceived by Adam&EveDDB, the idea came from the insight that despite its negative connotations, anger is one of the most motivating human emotions. The aim was to harness anger to encourage positive action – in this case, to remove the injustice of period poverty.


Client: Hey Girls

Brand: Period Poverty

Project/Campaign name: Seeing Red

First Air Date: 28 th May 2021

Client/s Team:

Founder & CEO: Celia Hodson

Senior Marketing Manager: Amy Briggs

Brand Development Lead: Kirsten Blackburn

Website & E-Commerce Manager: Rechenda Smith

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim

Global Creative Director: Laura Rogers

Copywriter: Andy McAnaney

Art director: Christian Sewell

Agency producer: Nicola Applegate

Head of Planning: Milla McPhee

Planner: Beth Mackenzie

Project Manager: Hanna Dowty

Social Creative: Rebecca Wilson

Executive Content Director: Simon Adamson

Joint CEO: Tammy Einav &/ Mat Goff

Managing Partner: Charlotte Cook

Account Director: Kathryn Gooding

Account Manager: Olivia Rose

Legal: Annika Patel, Freya Vale, Tom Campbell & Candice McLeod

Design: King Henry

Founder: Carolyn Henry

Head of Design: Alex Fairman

Senior Designer: Tomek Drozdowski

Studio Manager: Rob Wallis

Deputy Studio Manager: Dave Callow

Print Producer: Jonny Young

Head of Production: Marc Dolby

Retoucher: Gemma Lawton

Retouching Studio Manager: Dan Sandalls

Artworker: David Pluckrose

Digital Producer: Jamie Demetriadi

Interactive Design Director: Mauricio Brandt

Digital Designer: Anna Barros

Dispatch Controller: Ezat Ahmadi

Team Assistant: Selina Faircloth

Media agency: the7stars