Agency: Ad Council
Client: TBD
Date: Jan 2020
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The Ad Council has launched a new film 'A Message from the Future' as part of the 'Because of You' campaign, a public service advertising campaign that addresses teen bullying. The new work by TBD encourages teens to consider the long-lasting impact of their actions, in a culture where meanness is normalized, to create a more empathetic, inclusive community.

The launch comes at the start of a new year and decade, an important time to reflect on how what we do today can impact someone’s tomorrow. More than previous generations, today’s teens feel personally responsible for creating the world they want to live in. Most teens want to do the right thing, but sometimes don’t realize how their actions, big and small can deeply affect others both positively and negatively.

In the creative, using an innovative technology technique, teens were aged up to show that our words and actions can impact someone’s day, year or life. Teens were surprised with a live message from their aged-up friend, thanking them for stepping in when they were experiencing bullying, driving home that our words and actions can have long-lasting effects on someone’s future. The creative features The Head and the Heart’s song See You Through My Eyes, provided by Warner Records.


Client: Ad Council

Heidi Arthur, Chief Campaign Development Officer

Sheri Klein, VP, Group Campaign Director

Madeline Miller, Campaign Director

Trevor Lin, Campaign Management Assistant

Julia Blumenstyk, Director, Strategy and Evaluation

Ellyn Fisher, SVP, Marketing and Communications

Shirley Yeung, Director, Marketing and Communications

Sean Williams, Manager, Marketing and Communications

Rebecca Mir, Director, Digital Project Management

Carolina Trevino, Digital Project Manager

Gregory Kelly, Director, Media Strategy

Catherine Yarovoi, Campaign Analyst

Agency: TBD

Rafael Rizuto, Chief Creative Officer

Sara Uhelski, Copywriter

Leila Moussaoui, Art Director

Bruno Menon, Designer

Jordan Warren, CEO

Adrian Dagli, Account Director

Jeff Burger, Engagement Planning Director

Rob Lee, Executive Producer

Salem Weresh, Account Manager

Production Company: Unit9

Anrick Bregman, Director

Michelle Craig, Creative Partner

Luca De Laurentiis, Executive Producer

Mindy Lubert, Head of Production

Sarah Barson, Production Lead

Camilla Rose, Producer

Mel Anderson, 1st Assistant Director

Boyd Hobbs, DP

Joe Wohlmuth, Sound Designer

Lu Ts-Hsing, BTS

VFX: Ingenuity Studios

David Lebensfeld, VFX Supervisor

Kieley Culbertson, VFX Producer

Taos Whittaker, VFX Artist

Post-Production Company: Beast