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Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence: End Family Fire by Ad Council & Droga5

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According to the CDC, every day in the US, eight children are unintentionally killed or injured by a gun. Often, that gun is found loaded and unsecured in the home – making these preventable tragedies.

In response to this ongoing crisis, a coalition led by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence unveiled ‘End Family Fire,’ a public education campaign focused on preventing these gun-related tragedies that occur because of improperly stored weapons. The campaign was produced in partnership with the Ad Council and Droga5, and the public service ads will be distributed to media outlets nationwide.

More than 4.6 million children live in homes with unlocked and loaded guns, and three in four know where the guns are stored in their home. The term ‘Family Fire’ was developed for this campaign and refers to a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home that results in death or injury. Incidents may include unintentional shootings, suicides and other gun-related tragedies.

The new public service ads depict the ways in which an unsecured gun endangers, rather than protects, a family. A feature video highlights a conversation between a father and his inquisitive young son. The son, after watching TV, asks his father if “we have a gun.” The father, cautiously, says that yes, he does, to protect the family. As the child’s line of questioning continues, we see the father getting more uncomfortable as his son mentions that he knows where the gun is kept, and that he knows it’s not being stored properly, and that one day, when the father isn’t home, he might get his hands on the gun to protect his mother, or he might be bullied and “decide it’s too much for me.”

The haunting barrage of questions prompts the father to realize the dangers his unsecured gun poses. The film concludes by driving viewers to, a digital experience that encourages families to reconsider their relationship with and behavior around guns in the home.


Client: The Brady Campaign

Agency: Droga5 NY

Creative Chairman: David Droga

CEO: Sarah Thompson

Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann

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Co-President: Kristin Brown

Vice President, Programs: Kyleanne Hunter

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Photographer: Paul McGeiver

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