Date: Nov 2017
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Amazon Music has revived its ‘Song for Every Moment’ campaign in time for the festive season, continuing its concept of pairing meme-worthy video clips alongside the perfect accompanying track with a baby wheeling past a Christmas tree to Charmillionaire’s ‘Ridin’ Dirty’.

As the tot crosses the screen, gangsta-style, the line reads: ‘40 Million Songs. One for Every Moment’.

‘New Wheels’ forms part of the campaign extension alongside ‘Merry Christmas’, which stars a cat wrapped up in Christmas tree lights to the screaming chorus of Kelis’ ‘I Hate You So Much Right Now’. The brand has also reworked its previous cat-fronted creative ‘Rearranging the Bathroom’ to become ‘On the Naughty List’.

Devised by Above + Beyond, the ads will run online through to the end of December in the UK and US.