Agency: 72andSunny
Date: Aug 2018
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Trojan Man is now a fully realized character for the condom brand, as a curly-haired guru who doles out advice to those who have questions. He is described in a release as “a beacon of sexual curiosities, embodying modern sex while rejecting labels and stereotypes.” He’s introduced by a 30-second spot with a cheesy intro tune that sings: “It’s a big sexy world of sex out there, people having intercourse everywhere…” then offers up Trojan Man as a “guide for these sexy times.”

The intro video is followed up by Trojan Man answering questions for confused people. When people visit him and seek answers to their questions, he offers witty, sex-positive advice and a variety of Trojan Brand Condoms encouraging them to explore with confidence.

In one ad, he’s seen behind an overly long piece of bread, with an assistant on either side slathering the bread with peanut butter. When a young man says that he doesn’t know what kind of stuff he’s into, Trojan man says that he doesn’t know if he likes creamy or crunchy peanut butter better, but that “sex is the sandwich – you can put whatever you want on it.” In another, he sits in a bath and tells another young man that he needs to put himself out there emotionally for a woman. In a third, a couple states they don’t like wearing condoms. When he comes out from behind a glass curtain wearing a super thin Belgian robe, they get the picture that they should be using Trojan’s ultra-thin condoms.

Each ad starts with the bang of a gong with the familiar Trojan Man mnemonic.


Agency: 72andSunny New York

Director: Eric Wareheim

Client: Trojan