Coors: Thirst For More by 72andSunny

Agency: 72andSunny
Client: Coors
Date: Apr 2018
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Coors Light has introduced a new dimension to its 'Climb On' platform with a fresh 10-spot campaign created by 72andSunny. Directed by Andre Stringer of Reset, the campaign series is full of color, optimism and global adventure. Video effects by Electric Theatre Collective amplifies the visual spectacle, as showcased in the centerpiece spot 'Refresh For What’s Next.'

The crew had to contend with unpleasant weather during the shoot, so Electric Theatre Collective worked hand in hand with 72andSunny and Stringer to come up with augmentations that would bridge the gap between the weather and the Coors palette. Electric Theatre Collective created environments friendly to the Coors brand via digital matte painting. Mapping allowed them to extend and integrate backgrounds including bright blue skies and snow-topped mountain ranges, as well as a complete rebuilding of the cascading CG water in the spot 'Waterfall.'

Additionally, Electric handled text overlays over various backgrounds, a touchstone throughout the campaign. Collectively, the effects created by the Electric team pulls the viewer into the high-altitude action and picturesque landscapes, invigorating the scenes to make them pop off the screen.



Brand: Coors Light

Project: Climb On 2.0 (2018 Equity/Brand Campaign)


Gavin Hattersley - Chief Executive Officer - Coors

David Kroll - Chief Marketing Officer - Coors

Ryan Marek - VP of Marketing - Coors

Cristin Rudolph - Marketing Director- Coors

Jessica Benchetrit - Associate Marketing Manager - Coors

Marcus Booker - Associate Marketing Manager - Coors

Kenneth Harley - Public Relations Manager - Coors

72andSunny Team:

Keith Cartwright - Executive Creative Director - 72andSunny

Galen Graham - Group Creative Director - 72andSunny

Tim Wolfe - Group Creative Director - 72andSunny

Ali Esterly - Creative Director/Designer - 72andSunny

Mark Maziarz - Creative Director/Writer - 72andSunny

Nick Marx - Sr. Designer - 72andSunny

David Sullivan - Sr. Writer - 72andSunny

Designer: Brooke Baty - Designer - 72andSunny

Maddie McDowell - Writer - 72andSunny

John Graham (Paulo Carvajal) - Group Strategy Director - 72andSunny

Marc Iserlis - Strategy Director - 72andSunny

Jay Kossifos - Group Brand Director - 72andSunny

Ryan Warner - Brand Director - 72andSunny

Mercedes Senior - Brand Manager - 72andSunny

Samantha Sanchez - Brand Coordinator - 72andSunny

Nicole Hasse - Group Production Director - 72andSunny

Katie Lambrecht - Sr. Film Producer - 72andSunny

Carlin Wilson-Webb - Sr. Film Producer (Post) - 72andSunny

Brooke Casler - Jr. Producer - 72andSunny

Amy Jacobsen - Partnerships and Legal Director - 72andSunny

Andres Recalde - Partnerships and Legal Manager - 72andSunny

Marty Cole - Partnerships and Legal Coordinator - 72andSunny


Production Company: Reset

Andre Stringer - Director - Reset

Jen Beitler - Executive Producer - Reset

JP Colombo - Head of Production - Reset

Matt MacLennan - Producer - Reset


Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post

Brandon Porter and Josh Bodnar - Editor - Whitehouse Post

Gary Bowyer and Marco Rosas - Assistant Editor - Whitehouse Post

Joanna Manning - Executive Producer - Whitehouse Post

Jen Mersis - Producer - Whitehouse Post

Visual Effects:

VFX Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Kate Hitchings - Executive Producer - Electric Theatre Collective

Scott Boyajan - Producer - Electric Theatre Collective

Todd Mesher - Lead Flame - Electric Theatre Collective

Dave Damant, Ian Blewitt, Kevin Jones, Phoebe Britton - 2D Artists - Electric Theatre Collective

Nate Lapinski - 3D Artists - Electric Theatre Collective

Mix + Sound Design:

Audio Company: Hecho en 72

Jeff Fuller - Mixer - Hecho en 72

Jesse Herrera - Sound Design Mixer - Hecho en 72

Mike Leone - Asst. Mixer - Hecho en 72

Erin Reilly - Sr. Producer - Hecho en 72

Angela Scherrah - Jr. Producer - Hecho en 72


Licensed Track

Song Title: Hit The Ground Running

Artist: Desi Valentine Chaplain Obvious by CP+B

Added 17 August 2018
Agency: CP+B
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