AXE: Burn Out by 72andSunny Amsterdam

Client: AXE
Date: Sep 2018
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Unilever's Axe has based its brand on attraction, and its latest foray into branded content finds the body spray brand partnering with a famous DJ for a music video that’s all about boy-meets-girl.

With its newly-minted platform Axe Music, the personal care brand looks to further build affinity with young men and their passions. Thus, Axe (also known as Lynx) has partnered with Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix. The 22-year-old artist recently released a single, Ocean with Khalid, and he’s headlined several of the world’s biggest music festivals and even performed at the Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony in South Korea.

The partnership is rolling out with the launch of a limited-edition Martin Garrix body spray, which launches today (September 14) in key Latin America markets and The Netherlands. To promote the partnership and the product launch, Axe and Garrix partnered on the DJ’s latest music video Burn Out, which was done in collaboration with the brand and created by Axe’s global creative agency, 72andSunny Amsterdam.

Directed by Kinopravda, Burn Out is multi-hued wonder that places viewers in a universe made of many imaginary worlds where music is the link between them. The script finds a young man going to do his laundry at a late-night laundromat. The average guy seeks to impress a girl also at the laundromat in his own goofy way. By spraying some Axe body spray, he enters a fantasy world where the laundromat is transformed which he enters through a single, magical drum. From serenading at a Tokyo karaoke bar to swinging through the jungle and trying to escape security at a museum at night – the guy searches for the girl in these worlds as they play a game of attraction.


Advertising agency: 72andSunny Amsterdam

Production Company: Caviar

Director: Kinopravda

Music: Burn Out, Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo (feat. Dewain Whitmore)

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