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Channel 4: The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 by 4Creative

Agency: 4Creative
Client: Channel 4
Date: May 2018
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Celebrating the return of Channel 4’s Emmy and Bafta-award winning drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, the broadcaster is bringing the repressive law of Gilead to the UK this week.

In the series Gilead, a patriarchal dystopian regime, controls the fate of women and removes their freedoms. Channel 4 is giving the UK a taste of this twisted fundamentalist state through a provocative ad campaign focussing on the show’s key theme, the oppression of Handmaids.

A series of stark messages from Gilead officials enforce their laws in modernday Britain, across the transport network and on the front page of national newspaper The Metro.


Client: Channel 4

Marketing Head of Marketing: James Walker

Group Marketing Manager: Nic Moran

Marketing Manager: Clare Morrish

Agency: 4Creative

Executive Creative Director: Alice Tonge

Creative Directors: Tom Woodington, Robin Temple

Creatives: Francesca Van Haverbeke, Anne-Grit Maier, Caio Turbiani, Raminder Samra

Senior Producer: Fiona Wright

Producer: Nicole Roberts

Business Director: Jane English

Project Manager: Olivia Emmerson

Designer: Victoria Phillips Artwork: Giles Butcher

Senior Digital Producer: Christos Savvides

Digital Producer: Lucy Ferguson

Trailer only: Executive Channel

Producer: Miketta Lane

Creative Director: Dan Chase

Director: Kas Diment

Social Video Director: Charlie Barclay

Digital Production Assistant: Kelly Lacroix

Production partners

Post-production (digital outdoor): Time Based Arts

Post-production (on air and cinema): Envy

Audio: Envy