Agency: 4Creative
Client: Channel 4
Date: Apr 2018
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To announce the upcoming Genderquake Season on Channel 4, 4creative and Channel 4 Marketing have produced ‘Penises & Vaginas’, a promo which asks an important question about whether society’s traditional way of defining gender - based on our biological characteristics at birth - still makes sense.

What does this binary mean for people who challenge conventional definitions of what it means to be a man or a woman and is it now time to reframe how we think about gender in a way that is more inclusive and reflective of the diversity of modern Britain.

The trail is promoting a season of programmes on Channel 4 called Genderquake. The season will explore the gender debate covering issues ranging from feminism, gender privilege, and sexual violence to gender fluidity and gender identity.


Executive Creative Director

Alice Tonge


Tom Woodington & Robin Temple


Chris Bristow (Blink Ink)


Victoria Phillips

Group Business Director

Matt Berry

Head of Production

Clare Brown

Executive Producer

Shananne Lane

Production Executive

Miketta Lane


Luke Fraser

Project Manager

Olivia Emmerson

Director of Photography

Toby Howell

Production Designer

Set Appeal


Phil Hignett (Marshall Street Editors)

Edit Assistant

Owen O’Sullivan (Marshall Street Editors)


MPC / Platform Post


MPC / Platform Post


Envy / Platform Post

Head of Marketing

James Walker

Marketing Manager

Laura Woodcock

Marketing Executive (where applicable)

Nikhila Dega