Agency: 4Creative
Client: Channel 4
Date: Aug 2021
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After the strangest Olympics in recent history, the Tokyo Paralympic starting line is getting closer. As the UK Paralympics broadcaster, Channel 4 has been busy drumming up anticipation with a smart outdoor and print campaign.

Using eye-catching colors, one of the posters is a twist on the social etiquette children learn from a young age – that it’s rude to stare. Considering Paralympians need the nation’s support, the smart copy tells them to do the total opposite, championing the athletes competing later this month.

Other ads in the campaign include 'like the Olympic 800m, but faster) and 'sub 2hr marathons? We do those sitting down'.

The posters are in line with this year’s ‘Superhuman’ campaign, which plays on the premise that to be a Paralympian, there’s got to be something wrong with you.

While previous editions have focused on the superhuman ability of Paralympians, this year Channel 4 served a more gritty look at the trials and tribulations of competing at the Games.

“We spotted an opportunity to present Paralympians in a way they hadn’t been shown before – by pointing a camera at the realities of their lives and, as with any elite athlete, the sacrifices they make in pursuit of greatness,” explained Lynsey Atkin, 4Creative’s exec creative director, on capturing the blood, sweat, sacrifices and dedication it takes.


Executive Creative Director: Lynsey Atkin

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Eoin McLaughlin

Creative: Scott Taylor & Andy Shrubsole

Head of Production: James Turnham / Miketta Lane

Executive Producer: Shananne Lane

Campaign Producer: Louise Oliver

Campaign Producer: Fiona Wright

Producer: Shizuka Hata

Senior Project Manager: Olivia Emmerson

Design Director: Tim Fellowes

Designer: Sarah Jones

Artworker: Steffan Morgan

CMO: Zaid Al-Qassab

Head of Marketing: Penny Brough, Nic Moran, Laura Ward-Smith, James Walker

Marketing Lead: Laura Woodcock

Marketing Executive: Victoria Cheng

Business Director: Jane English

Senior Planner: James Hamilton

Media Agency: OMD