Agency: 215 McCann
Client: Halo
Date: Nov 2021
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Pre-release publicity for Halo Infinite, Xbox's Christmas killer app, invites gamers to awaken their inner hero by drawing inspiration from its faceless warrior main protagonist.

Halo Infinite: Become sees 215 McCann position Masterchief front and centre of the sci-fi/adventure spectacular, described as a 'spiritual reboot' for the series by its developer, 343 Studios.

The return of its mecha armored super-soldier marks a conscious recall of the traditional hero unburdened by self-doubt or personal demons, with simplistic pigeonholing of good and evil recalling a time before the rise of the modern anti-hero.

A feature-length film communicates these virtues to players before they pick up their controllers in earnest, establishing a rich history for the protagonist by detailing his lineage and acts of heroism through the ages from the earliest humans to the near future and beyond.

A short teaser titled 'Carry On' opens up this universe by teasing the preparations for a great battle, before inviting viewers to pick up their control pad and join the action for themselves.