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Agency: 180LA
Date: Oct 2019
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The geothermal industry is pulling together to launch its first awareness campaign through the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO), a nonprofit trade association promoting the manufacture, design, and installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems, and it’s using real climate change deniers to sell it.

The campaign’s message is, no matter where you stand on climate change and the environment, we can all agree on geothermal energy, even if the reasons are completely different.

At the centerpiece of the ‘Energy We Can All Agree On’ campaign are a series of videos in which a left-leaning environmentalist and self-proclaimed geothermal spokesperson, Eric Caspian-Johnson Garcia-Marquez (actor Eric Satterberg), heads to America’s heartland and speaks with real climate change skeptics about the benefits of using geothermal energy to heat and cool their homes, encouraging them to consider the green alternative.

What at first appears to be a green energy spoof turns into a series of honest conversations about geothermal energy. Most interviewees are unmoved by his environmental arguments, until he shows them how much money they've wasted over the years by using fossil fuels over geothermal. Even though the conversations don’t fundamentally change either party’s environmental beliefs, the videos reveal that both sides can agree on the benefits of geothermal, including cost savings, the fact that it’s 100% renewable, the consistent comfort and the independence from fossil fuels.


Client: Geothermal Exchange Organization

Agency: 180LA

Agency Location: Playa Vista, Calif.

Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley

Creative Directors: Brian Farkas, Tylynne McCauley

Sr. Copywriter: Will Sands

Sr. Art Director: Robison Mattei

Sr. Producer: Dave Lambert

Designer: Rachael Morello, Bory Chung

Account Director: Rebecca Bowman

Strategy Director: Maggie Speciale

Social Strategist: Lauren Murphy

Photographer: Rich Saal

Production Company: The Bear

Director: Ben Steinbauer

Producer: Janice Woods

Producer: Greta Kovach

Editorial Company: 180LA

Editor: Joe Schiffer

Audio Record & Mix: Therapy Studios

Color Grade & Online: Therapy Studios

Producer: Margaret Ward

Client Credits

Enertech Global, LLC.

CEO: Steve Smith

Marketing Director: Mallory Fohne

Senior Content Creator: Bryson Buehrer

ClimateMaster, Inc.

CEO: Todd Graf

Marketing Director: Scott Stayton

WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc.

CEO: John Thomas

VP of Sales & Marketing: Bruce Cole

Marketing Director: Tim Litton

Geothermal Exchange Organization:

President & CEO: Doug Dougherty

Chief Operating Officer: Ryan Dougherty