Amstel: Hold My Beer by 180 Kingsday

Agency: 180 Kingsday
Client: Amstel
Date: May 2018
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Amstel’s latest spot for the Russian market is a testimony to friendships formed over a pint or two, and the lengths one mate will go to when devoutly keeping a promise to hold another’s beer.

In the film, two modern day blokes meet at a pub in an unspecified cutesy Europe location. One asks the other to hold his beer while he heads to the bathroom, however a misstep leads the toilet-goer onto a boat and off to sea.

Months pass and the seasons change, yet the accidental seaman’s friend continues to wait while holding the beer. His charge soon turns him into a local attraction; the villagers feed him and frighten away gathering seagulls while he manages to abstain from sipping the Amstel.

Finally, his friend reappears after his oceanic adventure, and the two pick up exactly where they left off.


Agency: 180 Kingsday

Production Company: Bas Production

Director: Justin Reardon (c/o Double Agent, London)

Line Producer: Alenka Protic

Production Manager: Kristina Mersak

Director of photography: Matyas Erdely

Editor: Fiona Fuchs

Music Company: Sizzer Music, Amsterdam

Sound Design: Stainless Sound, Amsterdam

Sound designer/mixer: Nick Smith

Post Production: MPC, Amsterdam

Post producer: Kayleigh Dugdale

VFX Lead: Ricky Weissman

Colourist: Toby Tomkins @ CHEAT, London Chaplain Obvious by CP+B

Added 17 August 2018
Agency: CP+B
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