Agency: 121 Tribal
Date: May 2019
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In one of the most competitive advertising categories in the world, 121 Tribal designed to put Skip detergent in the map, through a digital campaign that challenges the status quo.

Skip Detergent presents 'Skip Ad' - The ad disguised as a button.

That little precious button that appears every time a commercial tries to ruin your video in YouTube. This button “cleans” what you don’t want there. And that’s exactly what Skip detergent does with your clothes.

Together with influencers and a cleverly segmented online and offline campaign that includes YouTube pre-rolls, online ads, outdoors and influencers, the agency changed forever the meaning of the most popular button in the world.


Advertised brand: Skip

Advertising Agency: 121 Tribal, Lima, Peru.

Director Creativo General: Gonzalo Calmet

Director General de Cuentas: Benjamín Edwards

Director Creativo: Lucas Bargen

Director de Arte: Francisco "Sharuko" Ayras

Redactor: Eduardo Delgado

Director de Arte: José Luis Linares

Directora de Cuentas: Vanessa Vargas

Jefa de Producción: Mónica Mendoza

Cliente: Unilever

Gerenta Brand Building HPC: Carla Bisbal

Jefa de Brand Building Homecare: Joan Marcelo

Practicante Brand Building Homecare: Alessandra Su

Casa Realizadora: LOCOMOTOR

Productor Ejecutivo: Carlos Cia Almeida

Director: Rómulo Franco Ruiz-Bravo / Lucho Soldevilla

Directora de Arte: María Cristina Martínez

Asistente de Producción: Athina Vilchez

Director de Fotografía: Gianmarco Ahón Tello

Vestuarista: Claudia Mansilla

Maquillaje y Peinado: Manuel Gijón.

2do de Cámara: Jorge Romero

Data Manager: Jonathan Palpa Arriola

Gaffer: Alfredo Ludeña

Offline: Locomotor

Online: Lunatic

Edición Video Caso: Mario Chocano

Audio: Humanimal