Carphone Warehouse: Big Narstie by 1000heads

Agency: 1000heads
Date: Mar 2018
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1000heads has teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to launch the Samsung S9 through an innovative social media campaign with rapper and internet personality Big Narstie. The campaign will use Instagram stories, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and forms part of the brand’s ‘alternative reviews’ series, which kicked off in 2017 with a partnership with the Chicken Connoisseur to launch the Samsung S8.

The campaign was devised to coincide with the S9 handset launch and will be promoted across Carphone Warehouse’s social channels for two weeks. It launches with a long-form video, created by 1000heads. The video content is built around the concept of a group of marketers pitching different aspects of the handset to Big Narstie to sell it and shows his hilarious reactions to their efforts.

This will be followed by three shorter videos which build on the concept and will be shared across Carphone Warehouse’s Instagram presence to help drive awareness and purchase consideration for the handset.


Angela Bertram – Senior Content and Social Media Manager – Carphone Warehouse

Natalie Messingham – Social Media Manager – Carphone Warehouse

Amy Schofield – Assistant Social Media Manager – Carphone Warehouse

Harry O’Grady – Ideation Director – 1000heads

Laura-Jay Gilday – Account Manager – 1000heads

Laura Ashwell – Senior Account Director – 1000heads

Joel Diamond – Client Strategy Director – 1000heads

Aishlyn Callaghan – Senior Social Executive – 1000heads

Katherine Hall – Senior Community Manager

Flossie Catling - Senior Producer – 1000heads

Tom Brown – Videographer/Director – 1000heads

Ian Mann – Senior Designer – 1000heads