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As she pre-empts her exit from Diageo, its marketing chief Syl Saller talks about her time at the company, recent innovations taken internally and what her next plans might be.


Syl Saller
chief marketing officer, Diageo
Stephen Lepitak
executive editor, The Drum
29 June 14:45 BST / 09:45 EST / 21:45 SST

Sneak preview of The Drum Labs



  • Gordon Young, editor-in-chief, co-founder, The Drum
  • Cameron Worth, founder, SharpEnd
26 June 07:00 BST / 02:00 EST / 14:00 SST
In partnership with Iris

Predictions Series: Don’t underestimate the era of live



  • Sorcha John, global director, future strategy, Iris
  • Charlotte McEleny, deputy and Asia Pacific editor, The Drum
  • Ben Essen, chief strategy officer, Iris
18 June 08:30 BST / 03:30 EST / 15:30 SST

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  • Diane Young, chief executive officer, The Drum
23 June 12:00 BST / 07:00 EST / 19:00 SST

Lights, camera, diversity!



  • Liz Murphy, director, Sweetshop
  • Catherine Lees-Millais, director, MediaMonks
  • Charlotte McEleny, deputy and Asia Pacific editor, The Drum
  • Meena Ayittey, film director, Great Guns
  • Eileen Hanna, Baileys marketing manager, Diageo PLC

Positive Energy, Innovation and Creative Thinking

2020 will see huge changes to our society, economy and undoubtedly our industry but our outlook is far from gloomy, the Can Do Festival represents the positive energy, innovation and creative thinking that makes the marketing community such a powerful force for good.
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