BIMA D-Day - Digital People Get Involved

If you practice digital please help by joining us for BIMA D-Day. From main stream digital businesses to marketing and advertising agencies; games developers, freelances and in-house digital teams, we need your participation.

The more professionals we can get involved, the more schools we can visit. This gives the event greater impact and helps highlight the digital skills shortages we face as an industry.

We don’t ask for too much and if you sign up we’ll need you to:

  • Commit yourself or a staff member to the initiative on 10/10/13.
  • Go into a nominated local school or college on that day (ideally for the whole school day).
  • Have an pre-meeting or call with the teacher to make sure everything is OK.
  • Help bring digital insight and enthusiasm to the participating students.
  • Tell the students about your agency, career, role and the digital work you do.
  • Help the teacher and students with the digital challenges that the class will be undertaking, giving direction and getting the teams to think creatively.
  • Promote your school’s activity on the day via social media. Last year the linking of all participating schools via Twitter was a great highlight.
  • Have fun.

Remember BIMA and their partners will supply assets, agendas and other resources. This will hopefully minimise the amount of pre-work required by the agencies.