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2030 B2B trends: Contrarian ideas for the next decade

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Marketers always want to know: "what will change?" But, Jeff Bezos says a more important question is: "what won't change?" Why does what won't change matter more? Because as Bezos advises, you can build a business on ideas that won't change. So for our 2020 Trends, we've identified three macro-trends that won't change and that you can count on for the next decade:
• The War On Brand: Learn about "The 60/40 Rule" and why brand advertising is the biggest driver of long-term growth
• The Rise Of Blockbuster Marketing: Learn how to use Disney's "Franchise Formula" To Monetize Content
• The Death Of Hyper-targeting: Learn why narrow targeting hurts your business and why to "target the category" instead
Join us as we discuss each trend and show you how to apply these timeless trends to beat your competition.

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