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B2B creativity: In the eyes of the beholder: Part 1

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Creativity in B2B is always a charged topic. Is it reaching new heights powered by the trend to more emotionally rich approaches and digital experiences? Is it still held back by strictly rational appeals and a ‘business is business’ mentality? This two-part session probes for answers in a provocative and entertaining way.

In Part 1, top B2B creatives and clients will address the state of creative play – and also issue a brief to the agency and One Minute Briefs (OMB) and communities, asking for the brief to be answered twice, emotionally and rationally. In Part 2, two juries – one ‘creative’ and one ‘client’ – will judge the work. Will emotional impact win out or will rational entreaties rule? Tune in to see who and what rises to the top!

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