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Creativity in the age of agility: OMB creative smackdown

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Agility. A watchword of marketing in this era. Can creatives rise to the agility challenge? Let’s set them a One Minute Brief competition!

Created by Nick Entwistle at The Bank of Creativity, One Minute Briefs (OMB) is designed to change the way people think about advertising and the way creatives (and creativity) work. OMBs gives creatives one minute to create concepts. Are OMBs the answer to the creative agility conundrum, or do we still require a dose of due process? Nick and Stein IAS’ CCO Reuben Webb will discuss and debate agility in creativity. A One Minute Brief competition also will be set and the OMB community creatives and top B2B agency teams will be tasked with the challenge. The work will then be judged, and winner named in Part 2 of this event.

This live challenge and chat will look at the need for speed – and the positive impact it can have on the quality of creative thinking.

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