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The Drum Awards is a global scheme that aims to identify the best practices, companies and people in our industry. Its mission is to share that information with readers of The Drum - one of the worlds largest marketing platforms - to help them make better decisions.

As a result it is ideally placed to not only get you the recognition you deserve, but also the new business. It will also help position winners as the best and exciting places to work, helping you retain and attract top talent.

Discover the right awards competition

The Drum Awards has a series of competitions, which run throughout the year, and reflect every part of our editorial eco-system. These competitions include:

In addition, we also run these well known awards

  • Roses Awards

    The Roses Creative Awards strive to find the best advertising, design and digital work being produced by agencies and brands in the UK, outside London’s M25.
  • Chip Shop Awards

    These global awards are about encouraging and recognizing creativity without limits. There are no rules. Got a great campaign idea for a product that doesn’t yet exist? Enter it. Think you could improve an existing advert? Go for it. Got a concept for a brand you’d love to work for in the future? We want to see it. The Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity.
  • Chip Shop Awards US

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