Why now?

The Drum has seen rapid growth over the last few years. Increased investment in our editorial team means we are now producing more content in more diverse ways across European, US and Asian markets.

We have also expanded our products and commercial offerings, much of which is delivered online.

In addition, more and more content was being consumed on mobile devices.

All of this called for a radical rethink of our online offering.

What have we done?

Our new site will enable The Drum to keep growing, and to consolidate our position as the leading news and opinion platform for the global marketing sector.

The new clear and clean design makes it much easier to find the exact content readers are looking for, providing a more stable home for our ever increasing video content. This is ideal for both standard and high impact formats.

What Have We Done

What does this mean for readers?

Readers will find the content they want much faster, and in a more logical way.

We've cleaned up and simplified the menu, updated the taxonomy and increased the importance of video on the site.

We're providing better content recommendations and have massively cut the load times so that readers get the content they need almost instantly.

The new site is now fully responsive to provide a fantastic experience across all mobile devices.

In short, we've worked hard to ensure that we are giving The Drum’s readers the experience they deserve.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Quite simply, we will be providing the best possible vehicle for modern online campaigns.

We offer full direct and programmatic buying of all standard IAB units, most high impact display units, seamless native units and pre, mid and post roll video ads.

For Advertisers

The tech bit

The digital team at The Drum adopted a ‘rapid release’ development mode, delivering the first beta site within 10 weeks designed to be flexible, scalable and built for the future growth of our online offering.

The new site architecture, along with its improved design and usability, will help us build The Drum’s audience and user community.

To allow The Drum’s digital offer to keep pace with our growth, new product migration and delivery needed to be quick and efficient. We have created a style guide which defines best usage for the design patterns and best coding practice.

This will evolve with every digital product release, meaning we can roll out new updates on a continuous basis. The site launch includes updated editorial sections, with other areas scheduled to be released over the coming months.

There will be no need for a full scale 'rebuild' in two or five years. Rather, there will be constant iterations and continuous improvements.

Another key goal of this project was for us to be able to share data and content across our business products and platforms more effectively. Building ‘micro-services’, each with their own API in charge of managing this data and content, is the first step toward a more holistic architecture. This will allow us to enhance our content, increasing its value and providing a better experience for our users.

This is the beginning of an exciting new phase in the evolution of The Drum. We hope you like it.