Branded Content


The Drum offers a broad range of branded content opportunities. By its very nature each package is tailored to suit the individual campaign so feel free to get in touch to talk about options.

We’ve got one goal - creating content your customers will love, using unrivalled audience insight and editorial expertise to create compelling brand stories. We know your market, we know your potential customers (probably personally), and we know exactly the type of content they enjoy. We love this market, we live this industry and we want to help you create the content it deserves. Content to help you build authentic, trusted relationships with your customers to drive more business.

Branded Content

  • Research, case studies, and reports
  • Articles, in both print and online
  • Supplements, books and bespoke features

Video Content

  • Talking Head Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Video Series
  • International Event Coverage

Managed Events

  • Panel Events
  • Hosted Roundtables
  • International Event Panels

Managed Events

The Drum can also work with you to develop a bespoke event. Perhaps you want branded content that relates to a launch, conference, briefing or round-table you are already organising. Or perhaps you want to activate some other form of sponsorship. Speak to us and we can help with:

  • Editorial
  • Production
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Logistics
  • Video and Filming

Then again perhaps you would like The Drum to organise an event on your behalf. These may include debates, conferences or parties. Such initiatives can be excellent sources for editorial content. So get in touch to find out how The Drum can develop a campaign which not only addresses our readership but engages your key target market on a one-to-one basis.

Let’s start the conversation!